Venture electronics vezen 2.0 Earbuds

Venture electronics vezen 2.0 Earbuds

Venture electronics vezen 2.0


If the sound of the Monk Plus impressed you, the Zen 2.0 will take you to another level of knowledge when it comes to earbuds. KK was able to put the sound of a full-sized headphone into this shell, and it must be experienced to be believed. Warm and mid-centric, the sound of the Zen 2.0 will inject body into any recording you throw at it. Plug in and tune out as the sound signature and wide soundstage transports you into your music, just remember to amp it - it is 320 ohms and needs some good power




The Zen 2.0 transforms your perception of the audio one can achieve through the form factor of an earbud. With a powerful lunge forward, the Zen brings forth an experience comparable to a full-sized over-the-ear and open-aire headphone.


Warmth in the midrange and a powerful bass response sets this apart from the others in the Venture Electronics line.


At 320 ohms, a headphone amplifier is recommended.


Style                                                              Earbuds


Communication                                                        Wired


Connectors                                                         AUX


Vocalism Principle                                                    Dynamic


Plug Type                                                            L Bending


Sensitivity                                                           108dB1mW


Frequency Response Range                        16-23000Hz


Line Length                                                         1.2m


Resistance                                                          320Ω


Time to market                                         2015

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